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Distributed by Canticle


  1. Elixir


    Product Number: 1.3446*
    Composer: Shawn, Allen
    Voicing and Instruments: String Orchestra

    Available Editions:
    1.3446 Elixir (Orchestra Set & Score)
    1.3446A Elixir (Additional Score)
    1.3446B_Vn1 Elixir (Violin I Replacement Part)
    1.3446B_Vn2 Elixir (Violin II Replacement Part)
    1.3446B_Va Elixir (Viola Replacement Part)
    1.3446B_Vc Elixir (Cello Replacement Part)
    1.3446B_Bs Elixir (Bass Replacement Part)

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