Arioso premieres Gwyneth Walker on Vermont tour

Arioso is Vermont’s acclaimed chamber music ensemble, performing works for piano, voice, viola, and cello. Members of the ensemble premiere Gywneth Walker‘s From the Depths of the Soul (2016) for contralto and viola on August 31 (Northfield, VT), followed by performances in Richmond, VT (September 1) and St. Albans, VT (September 3).

Members of Arioso

Arioso is made up of Linda Radtke (alto), Allison Bruce Cerutti (piano), Elizabeth Reid (viola), and Michael Close (cello). The ensemble devotes its repertoire to new music by Vermont composers.

From the Depths of the Soul explores the powerful combination of the contralto voice and viola, “characterized by depth of sonority,” writes Walker. Each song in the collection is an arrangement of African American spirituals.

Source: About – Arioso

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