The Crucible goes to Chicago & Greenville

The Crucible continues to make its way to stages across the country. This month, the Pulizter Prize-winning opera based on the Arthur Miller classic novel took to stages in Chicago, Illinois and Greenville, South Carolina.

Glow Lyric Theatre, Greenville, SC: July 13-28
Christian Elser, Executive Director
Jenna Tamisiea, Artistic Director
For a complete list of the cast, click here.

Chicago Summer Opera, Chicago, IL, July 14 & 16
Kaley Smith, Stage Director
Codrut Bisran, Conductor
For a complete list of the cast, click here.

The Crucible

The story is Arthur Miller’s impassioned parable of witchcraft and intrigue in colonial Salem; a story of good and evil, in which bigoted men and women used the cry of “witch” to destroy those they hated or envied. The town of Salem has been seized by a wave of hysteria. The slave, Tituba, is accused by the wily and pretty Abigail, who uses the situation to destroy the community. When the witch trial begins under the administration of the terrifying zealot, Judge Danforth, Abigail accuses Elizabeth, the wife of John Proctor, of witchcraft. Abigail hopes thereby to get Elizabeth out of the way and regain John’s affection. John remains loyal to his wife, however, even admitting in court to his adultery with Abigail in order to expose her fraud. He is not believed, however, and is himself arrested and, along with Tituba and other innocents, condemned to the gallows. In a blaze of courage at the opera’s end, John refuses to sign the false confession that would free him.

Duration: ~2 hours

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