Dante Fragments for Soprano, Violin, & Piano (Premiere) — Daron Hagen

Soprano Adelaide Muir Trombetta, violinist Domenico Luca Trombetta, & piano premiered three new setting by Daron Hagen of texts from Dante Alleghieri’s Divine Comedy to benefit the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts. June 4, 2017.

Commissioned for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Salon, the Dante Fragments for soprano, violin, and piano are dedicated to Sheila and Craig Pleasants, longtime staff members of the famed artist retreat. The Dante Alleghieri Society of Virginia and Lynchburg Friends of VCCA together present soprano Adelaide Muir Trombetta and Domenico Luca Trombetta, violin and viola in the world premiere of Hagen’s Dante settings as part of a wine, dinner and tribute to Italian music.

The seven minute work consists of three movements, all of which set words drawn from the master’s Divine Comedy. The first sets the words “Remember tonight, for it is the start of everything.” The second sets “There is no greater sorrow / Than to be mindful of the happy time / In misery.” The final song treats the words, “Love insists that the loved love back.”

Source: Dante Fragments for Soprano, Violin, & Piano (Premiere) — Daron Hagen

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