Daron Hagen: Residency at University of Wisconsin-Madison

Daron Hagen returns to the University of Wisconsin-Madison for a three-day residency during which he will work with composers, conductors, and singers. Engagement includes a masterclass for singers, collaborative pianists, composers, and conductors during which he will coach performances of standard repertoire arias and art songs alongside contemporary repertoire from the perspective of a working mid-career stage director, opera composer/librettist, and conductor.

Hagen will also give a composition masterclass during which he presents his own music, and meet privately with composers to discuss their work. Breakout sessions on career-building for composers, and audition-strategies for singers, are contemplated.

Hagen was an undergraduate music major at the UW-Madison from 1979-1981 before accepting an invitation from the Curtis Institute of Music to study with Ned Rorem. His teachers at UW-Madison included Les Thimmig (composition), Bruce Benward and Joan Wildman (theory), Catherine Comet (conducting), and Jeannette Ross (piano). His association with the school runs deep. He was commissioned by the School of Music and the Wisconsin Brass Quintet to compose Concerto for Brass Quintet in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the school of music.

Event description by Daron Hagen.

Source: Composition / Vocal Residency — Daron Hagen

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