Elena Ruehr piano concerto premiere – A Far Cry

Heng-Jin Park

Pianist Heng-Jin Park premieres Elena Ruehr’s Piano Concerto in a program exploring human migration, hosted by Boston-based A Far Cry. The work was commissioned by AFC and is based on Park’s own immigration story. Also included in the concert is Georg Phillip Telemann’s Ouverture, “les nations,” and Mieczyslaw Weinberg Symphony No. 10.

A Far Cry stands at the forefront of an exciting new generation in classical music. According to The New York Times, the self-conducted orchestra “brims with personality or, better, personalities, many and varied.” A Far Cry was founded in 2007 by a tightly-knit collective of 17 young professional musicians, and since the beginning has fostered those personalities. A Far Cry has developed an innovative process where decisions are made collectively and leadership rotates among the “Criers.” For each piece, a group of principals is elected by the members, and these five musicians guide the rehearsal process and shape the interpretation. Since each program includes multiple works, this multiplicity of leaders adds tremendous musical variety to the concerts.

Source: Music in Migration — A Far Cry

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