Fall & Winter 2017 Performances

November and December are always busy months for concerts! Here’s a run-down of just some of what our composers have been up to.

The Boston-based chamber music group Radius Ensemble performed a concert with works by E. C. Schirmer composers Elena Ruehr and Libby Larsen. Both works were programmatic in nature, with Ruehr’s Lucy titled after the famous Australopithecine. Larsen’s work, Yellow Jersey, depicts racing through the Tour de France.

Lucy will also be performed in December at Northeastern University



Elena Ruehr
Libby Larsen







Paul Gibson’s Salve Regina was performed by the Festival Honor Choir of the Pennsylvania Collegiate Choral Festival, led by Dr. Mary Breden. The concert took place at Susquehanna University in the acclaimed acoustics of Stretansky Hall.

Daron Hagen’s choral suite, Silent Night, was performed by Quintessence Choral Artists of the Southwest. Hagen writes of the work:

I hope that the contemplative and intimate musical space created by these carols in performance together fulfills the function of helping each of us to reconnect at this important time of year with the reason they were created and sung in the first place.

Hagen, along with Gilda Lyons, also performed a half-recital followed by a visit with the audience as part of Philadelphia’s Lyric Fest. Read more.

He also appeared as a conductor with the Orchestra Society of Philadelphia in November, and will do so again in the spring.


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