Daron Hagen leads workshop at fresh inc

Daron Hagen was a guest expert at the fresh inc festival via skype. He discussed his work Orson Rehearsed. June 12, 2017.

Daron Hagen led an interactive workshop to help composer participants redefine their artistic visions. A description of Orson Rehearsed, his new “post-genre interdisciplinary prestidigitation” for singer-instrumentalist-actors will serve as the starting point of the session.

fresh inc is a one-of-a-kind chamber music festival that redefines the training process for emerging musicians. Since 2012, we have helped performers and composers to envision and launch their own authentic careers in music, rooted in adventurous genre-defying collaboration, entrepreneurial thinking, and meaningful partnerships with audiences and community.

Source: Fresh Inc Festival Colloquy — Daron Hagen

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