“Glory Denied” by Tom Cipullo at Tri-Cities Opera

On November 10-12, 17, and 19, Tri-Cities Opera will stage Glory Denied by Tom Cipullo.  The performance features the voices of Scott Purcell, Tascha Anderson, Frederick Schlick, and Stacey Geyer, and the TCO debut of conductor Joshua Horsch.

America’s longest held prisoner of war returns to a country he no longer recognizes and a family who barely recognizes him. Glory Denied tells of the plight of so many veterans who serve their country, but face incredible challenges when returning home. A man kept alive by hope and prayer during his captivity  in the jungle of southeast Asia, and his personal struggles following his liberation and repatriation. It is a story of a nation divided and a country that changed significantly in the decade of his imprisonment.

Glory Denied will be available soon from E. C. Schirmer.

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