Little Patuxent Opera Institute Performs Too Many Sopranos

The Little Patuxent Opera Institute (LPOI) offers training for moderately advanced young operatic voices in a warm and nurturing collegiate environment. To succeed in the professional opera field, aspiring singers must master many skills. The program is designed to introduce participants to and enhance the development of their skills, while providing valuable, meaningful performance opportunities and experience.

Students receive group and private instruction on the various elements of operatic performance and classical vocal arts, including character development, technique, stage movement and blocking, and a broad spectrum of classes related to professional development and health. In addition, participants learn from and study under a number of highly respected local, regional, and internationally recognized artists.
TOo Many Sopranos

Too Many Sopranos

Composed by Edwin Penhorwood, Libretto by Miki Lynn

Four Divas arrive in heaven to learn there is not enough room for all of them in the Heavenly Chorus. Because too many tenors and basses are in Hell, only one of the sopranos will be allowed into the chorus. The sopranos are appalled that they must audition, but submit. After their impressive auditions, St. Peter cannot make a decision. Gabriel therefore mentions the Redemption Clause: If the sopranos go to Hell and do a selfless deed, they can bring back to Heaven as many tenors and basses as needed. To protect them in Hell, St. Peter grants them a special disguise.

The Divas, St. Peter, and Gabriel arrive in Hell and listen to the stories of some of the tortured souls there. Just Jeanette meets Nelson Deadly and they fall in love. The Sandman arrives with the stage director, Orson and presents a task to the couple: If they don’t fall asleep listening to Orson, they can take back to Heaven as many tenors and basses as they want. They fail the test, but because of a selfless act on their part, they are granted the release of the men. There is general rejoicing and all promise St. Peter they will never sing opera again.

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Source: Little Patuxent Opera Institute | Howard Community College

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