Music of the Spheres, Capitol Hill Chorale premiere — Kevin Siegfried

On June 3 & 4, the Capitol Hill Chorale’s 2016-2017 season ended with a celestial-themed program featuring the premiere of Music of the Spheres by Kevin Siegfried. Also on the program are works of Vincenzo Galilei (father of Galileo Galilei), William Herschel, Samuel Barber, and Gustav Holst.

Music of the Spheres is a five-movement work for SATB chorus and glass armonica, featuring texts by Johannes Kepler, John Donne, and the Psalms. The piece is dedicated to Swiss astrophysicist (and Siegfried’s relative) Arnold Benz, whose book “Astrophysics and Creation” was just released in an English language version earlier this year.

The Capitol Hill Chorale has released a podcast to explore the intersections of music and astronomy in Music of the Spheres. Listen to the podcast here.


Source: Music of the Spheres — Kevin Siegfried

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