ORA Singers: New CD feat. Frank Ferko Commission


Ancient and modern sit side by side to magical effect in this third album from ORA, Suzi Digby’s superb mixed-voice choir. Woven among some of the most powerful choral works by the greatest of 16th-century choral composers, Thomas Tallis, are eight modern works, most commissioned by the group. Tallis provides the inspiration—and sets the bar very high—and the contemporary responses are wonderfully characterful and imaginative.

ORA was born out of a belief that we are in a Second Golden Age of choral music, comparable with that of the Renaissance. This critically-acclaimed a cappella vocal group has been recognized for its musical excellence, as well as its fresh and engaging approach to music-making and performance.

Frank FerkoFrank Ferko‘s If Ye Love Me (ECS #8427, available Fall 2017) is a reflective commentary on the well-known motet by Thomas Tallis. Ferko’s 21st-century spin on a 16th-century work will both delight and inspire the listener.

The CD is scheduled for release July 23, 2017. Pre-ordering is available now.

Source: Many are the Wonders by ORA on Apple Music

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