Vox Humana praised in recent Pastoral Music & American Organist reviews

Vox HumanaVox Humana was veteran organist Haig Mardirosian’s column in The American Organist, the official journal of the American Guild of Organists as well as the Associated Pipe Organ Builders of America, which ran monthly for exactly a decade. Appearing in an annotated collection for the first time here, Mardirosian creates an image encompassing both the breadth and depth of the instrument and profession through humor, memory, business, liturgy, and, of course, artistry. This reflection of the organ and those who play it is an essential read for those searching for perspective or new ideas, as well as those looking for understanding, nostalgia, or a bit of humor.
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Pastoral Music, September 2017

“Through the years I have enjoyed the author’s keen writing style – the voice of an academic employing pastoral language, sprinkled with good stats and measurable studies, filled with his own quips, asides, and quotes of the masters, all packaged in a delightful tone which piques curiosity and inspires the image, intellect, and pun. I have always found these articles intellectually stimulating. They are surely appealing to the organist, organ enthusiast, any admirer of the organ, or avid listener.

Mardirosian goes far beyond the mechanics of the organ and its intriguing sound to address the whys, hows, and whos of an intricate and great profession….

Overall the book communicates survival for the profession of organist and bears great respect and admiration for those who hold the vocation of organist. It is not a book for a single sitting. It takes time for a reader to cogitate and enjoy the images and comedy the author presents and then perhaps apply the lessons to one’s own musicianship and life.” – Lynn Trapp

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The American Organist, August 2017

On his retirement in October 2013, he had written exactly ten years’ worth of monthly columns. That in itself is an accomplishment worth celebrating, but why would you need Vox Humana in book form if you’d been reading the magazine all those years? For one thing, even considering that the anthology is an endangered species in this digital age, the columns collected here are not readily found online….And even if you still have all your printed issues back to 2003, you’re not likely to spend time browsing through the commentaries, and you’re not going to find them collected in such a reader-friendly arrangement.

… let me simply state that this is elegant writing backed by an encyclopedic knowledge of the pipe organ and its music. Mardirosian favors an enumerative style of rhetoric, in which apposite examples are lined up like a platoon of toy soldiers in support of the cause….I recommend that you don’t consume Vox Humana in one sitting—though it certainly reads smoothly enough to do so—but that you take it perhaps a section at a time, giving yourself time to think.

… anyone who cares at all about the pipe organ and its future needs to read (or reread) these essays.” – David Vogels, CAGO

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