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Scales and Arpeggios with Shifting Practice: Violin


Scales and Arpeggios with Shifting Practice: Violin

Product Number: 1.3509

Composer: , Moyer, Cindy



Only rarely does a new publication emerge that bridges a genuine gap in string pedagogy with clarity and effectiveness. Published in separate editions for Violin and Viola, this method facilitates the intermediate student’s progress from introductory studies to the comprehensive systematic approaches of Ivan Galamian and Carl Flesch. In addition to accommodating—conceptually and visually—both fundamental fingering systems, Dr. Moyer distills for isolated practice the essential elements of shifting and left-hand position unique to or common among each chromatic key. This analytical approach with concentrated technical practice develops a disciplined basis of technical fluency for students and provides a refreshing strategy for the novice pedagogue as well as for highly experienced artist-teachers. Students pursuing graduate studies in string pedagogy will find this method an enlightening and inspiring model for studio instruction.


I believe the text would be an excellent preparatory book to either Galamian or Flesch scale studies. I especially like the shifting practice exercises for both sets of fingerings. This is the most unique and compelling value to the text. No other text includes these exercises.
-Robert Gillespie, Professor of String Education and String Pedagogy, The Ohio State University

It is well thought out and successfully addresses important gaps in standard scale books. Including parenthetical notes to remind the player of good hand positioning for shifts is an interesting idea. I particularly like the section introducing double stops, where she spells out the steps that will build a solid mastery of the skill. I would definitely use and recommend this book.
-Penny Brill, Violist, Pittsburgh Symphony

I think it would be a terrific addition to a viola teacher’s pedagogical tools and the violist’s library. The book is thorough in its method without being overwhelming. It’s clear to see how this book would foster a systematic development of crucial foundational skills.
-Joanna Mendoza, Violist, Arianna String Quartet; Associate Professor of Music, University of Missouri—St. Louis

I honestly think it’s the best viola scale book I’ve ever seen. I’ve always found Flesch to be overkill for what violists need, and this book would adequately train a violist with all the scale, arpeggio, and double-stop technique he or she would ever need.
-Robert Meyer, NYC freelance violist, chamber musician, studio teacher, founding member of the New Fromm Players

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Product Number 1.3509
Complimentary Downloads View Notes from Moyer’s ASTA Presentation
Composer/Arranger ; Moyer, Cindy
Voicing & Instruments Violin Scale Method
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Publisher Galaxy Music Corporation

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