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E. C. Schirmer Bestsellers

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  1. A Song Without Words

    A Song Without Words

    Product Number: 6750
    Composer: Phillips, Craig
    Voicing and Instruments: Cello, Organ
  2. Antiphon


    Product Number: 4561
    Composer: Conte, David
    Voicing and Instruments: Brass Quartet (2 Trumpets, 2 Trombones) & Organ
  3. Blue, Green, Red

    Blue, Green, Red

    Product Number: 8221
    Composer: Wachner, Julian
    Voicing and Instruments: Trumpet and Organ
  4. Corker


    Product Number: 4733
    Composer: Larsen, Libby
    Voicing and Instruments: Clarinet and Percussion
  5. Divertimento


    Product Number: 5981
    Composer: Pinkham, Daniel
    Voicing and Instruments: Double Bass & Organ (or Harpsichord)
  6. Elegy


    Product Number: 7974
    Composer: Mollicone, Henry
    Voicing and Instruments: B-flat Soprano Saxophone (or B-flat Clarinet) & Organ
  7. Salute


    Product Number: 8113
    Composer: Piston, Walter
    Arranger/Editor: Engelke, Luis C.; Schmidt, Carl B.
    Voicing and Instruments: Four B-flat Trumpets & optional Percussion
  8. Sonata da Chiesa(Score & Part)

    Sonata da Chiesa
    (Score & Part)

    Product Number: 4264
    Composer: Pinkham, Daniel
    Voicing and Instruments: Viola & Organ
  9. Suite for Oboe and Piano

    Suite for Oboe and Piano

    Product Number: 0788
    Composer: Piston, Walter
    Voicing and Instruments: Oboe & Piano

9 Item(s)

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