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  1. A Cup of Rejoicing

    A Cup of Rejoicing

    Product Number: 8512*
    Composer: Walker, Gwyneth
    Voicing and Instruments: Clarinet and String Trio

    Available Editions:
    8512 A Cup of Rejoicing
    file_8512-E A Cup of Rejoicing (Downloadable)

    Starting at: $15.00

  2. Aria and Fugue

    Aria and Fugue

    Product Number: 7575*
    Composer: Conte, David
    Voicing and Instruments: Soprano Saxophone and Organ

    Available Editions:
    7575 Aria and Fugue
    file_7575-E Aria and Fugue (Downloadable)

    Starting at: $12.00

  3. The Peacemakers

    The Peacemakers

    Product Number: 8511*
    Composer: Walker, Gwyneth
    Voicing and Instruments: Clarinet, Violin, Viola, and Violoncello, with opt. Readers

    Available Editions:
    8511 The Peacemakers
    file_8511-E The Peacemakers (Downloadable)

    Starting at: $32.00

  4. To a Wild Rose

    To a Wild Rose

    Product Number: 7.0695
    Composer: MacDowell, Edward
    Arranger/Editor: Hoffman, Stanley M.
    Voicing and Instruments: Oboe and Two English Horns

4 Item(s)

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