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  1. Adam was My Grandfather

    Adam was My Grandfather

    Product Number: 1.0897
    Composer: Moore, Douglas
    Voicing and Instruments: Medium Voice, Piano
  2. Carry Nation: I Lie Awake and Listen

    Carry Nation: I Lie Awake and Listen

    Product Number: 1.2483
    Composer: Moore, Douglas
    Voicing and Instruments: Soprano/High Voice, Piano
  3. Dear Dark Head

    Dear Dark Head

    Product Number: 1.2293
    Composer: Moore, Douglas
    Voicing and Instruments: High Voice, Piano
  4. I am Christmas Day

    I am Christmas Day

    Product Number: 40-003*
    Composer: Goodall, Howard
    Voicing and Instruments: Soprano Solo and Piano

    Available Editions:
    40-003 I am Christmas Day
    file_40-003-E I am Christmas Day (Downloadable)

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  5. Opera Aria Anthology, Volume 2 (Mezzo-Soprano)

    Opera Aria Anthology, Volume 2 (Mezzo-Soprano)

    Product Number: 6001*
    Composer: Conte, David; Hagen, Daron; Hanson, Craig; Hoffman, Stanley M.; Mollicone, Henry; Moore, Douglas; Perera, Ronald; Susa, Conrad; Ward, Robert
    Arranger/Editor: Hanson, Craig; Hoffman, Stanley M.
    Voicing and Instruments: Mezzo-Soprano Voice, Piano

    Available Editions:
    6001 Opera Aria Anthology, Volume 2 (Mezzo-Soprano)
    file_6001-01E Benicia's Aria from The Dreamers (Downloadable)
    file_6001-02E Prologue - Nova's Warning from Firebird Motel (Downloadable)
    file_6001-03E Catherine's Aria from Shining Brow (Downloadable)
    file_6001-04E Fire is Fierce from Coyote Tales (Downloadable)
    file_6001-05E Somewhere You Are, Eliza from Gabriel's Daughter (Downloadable)
    file_6001-06E Lullaby from Gabriel's Daughter (Downloadable)
    file_6001-07E Sara's Aria from Hotel Eden (Downloadable)
    file_6001-08E Cat's Aria from Starbird (Downloadable)
    file_6001-09E I Lie Awake and Listen from Carry Nation (Downloadable)
    file_6001-10E I joined the Arhat in India from S. (Downloadable)
    file_6001-11E Clara Remembers from Black River (Downloadable)
    file_6001-12E Cavatina from The Dangerous Liaisons (Downloadable)
    file_6001-13E It's Not My Fault from The Dangerous Liaisons (Downloadable)
    file_6001-14E Epilogue from The Dangerous Liaisons (Downloadable)
    file_6001-15E I may die at any minute from The Love of Don Perlimplin (Downloadable)
    file_6001-16E The Witch's Lullaby from Transformations (Downloadable)
    file_6001-17E Your Ruth will be well from The Crucible (Downloadable)
    file_6001-18E I do not judge you, John from The Crucible (Downloadable)
    file_6001-19E A Pretty Little Play from He Who Gets Slapped (Pantaloon) (Downloadable)
    file_6001-20E Oh, I ain't one for speakin' from stumps from Lady Kate (Downloadable)
    file_6001-21E Run, run, run from Minutes Till Midnight (Downloadable)

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5 Item(s)

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