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  1. Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace

    Product Number: 20-714*
    Composer: Funderburk, Duane
    Voicing and Instruments: Violin, Piano, opt. Oboe and Strings Quintet

    Available Editions:
    20-714 Amazing Grace
    file_20-714-E Amazing Grace (Downloadable)
    20-714A Amazing Grace (Instrumental Parts)
    file_20-714A-E Amazing Grace (Downloadable Instrumental Parts)

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  2. Beneath the Cross of Jesus

    Beneath the Cross of Jesus

    Product Number: 50-3200*
    Composer: Hopson, Hal H.
    Voicing and Instruments: SATB, Organ, opt. Oboe, Flute, Violin

    Available Editions:
    50-3200 Beneath the Cross of Jesus
    file_50-3200-E Beneath the Cross of Jesus (Downloadable)

    Starting at: $1.85

  3. Presbyterian Hymn Settings

    Presbyterian Hymn Settings

    Product Number: 20-995*
    Composer: Preuninger, Bruce
    Voicing and Instruments: Solo Instrument with opt. Keyboard Accompaniment

    Available Editions:
    file_20-995-1E Regent Square (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-2E Gloria (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-3E Dix (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-4E Cradle Song (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-5E Mueller (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-7E Ermuntre dich (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-8E Hyfrydol (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-12E Tempus adest floridum (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-13E Go Tell It (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-14E In dulci jubilo (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-15E Mendelssohn (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-16E Cranham (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-17E W Żłobie Leży (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-19E Carol (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-20E Antioch (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-21E Picardy (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-22E Truro (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-24E Adeste fideles (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-25E Veni Emmanuel (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-26E St. Louis (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-27E Winchester New (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-28E Personent Hodie (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-30E Irby (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-31E Besancon (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-32E Bereden väg för Herran (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-33E Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-34E Stille Nacht (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-35E Wachet auf (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-36E Still, still, still (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-37E The First Nowell (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-38E Venite Adoremus (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-40E Une jeune pucelle (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-41E Aberystwyth (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-42E Greensleeves (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-43E Puer nobis nascitur (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-44E Christmas (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-45E Winchester Old (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-46E Herzliebster Jesu (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-47E Martyrdom (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-48E Valet Will Ich Dir Geben (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-49E O Waly Waly (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-50E Forest Green (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-51E Vruechten (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-52E St. Christopher (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-53E Truro (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-54E Hymn To Joy (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-55E Christ Lag In Todesbanden (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-56E Llanfair (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-57E Veni Creator Spiritus (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-58E St. Agnes (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-59E Ebenezer (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-60E St. Kevin (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-61E Aus Der Tiefe Rufe Ich (Heinlein) (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-62E Redhead (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-63E Gelobt Sei Gott (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-64E Salve Festa Dies (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-65E Ellacombe (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-66E Rathbun (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-67E Easter Hymn (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-68E St. Flavian (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-69E Love Unknown (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-70E Passion Chorale (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-71E O Filii Et Filiae (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-72E Munich (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-73E St. Drostane (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-74E Puer Nobis Nascitur (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-75E Lancashire (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-76E Erhalt Uns, Herr (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-77E Victory (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-78E Judas Maccabaeus (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-79E Were You There (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-80E Wondrous Love (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-81E Hamburg (Downloadable)
    file_20-995-82E Rockingham (Downloadable)

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  4. Sing It Simply, Volume II21 Congregational Hymn Accompaniments for Piano, with opt. Solo Instrument, Guitar, Bass, and Handbells

    Sing It Simply, Volume II
    21 Congregational Hymn Accompaniments for Piano, with opt. Solo Instrument, Guitar, Bass, and Handbells

    Product Number: 80-791
    Composer: Keesecker, Thomas
    Voicing and Instruments: Congregation, Piano, opt. Solo Instrument, Guitar, Bass, Handbells
  5. Three Hymns for Oboe and Piano

    Three Hymns for Oboe and Piano

    Product Number: 20-762
    Composer: Pinkston, Daniel S.
    Voicing and Instruments: Piano, Oboe

5 Item(s)

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