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  1. Going and Staying

    Going and Staying

    Product Number: 2837
    Composer: Pinkham, Daniel
    Voicing and Instruments: SSA/SSAA, Electric Guitar, Bells, Piano
  2. Joy To the World

    Joy To the World

    Product Number: MO-1015
    Composer: Handel, G. F.; Mason, Lowell; Stone, Dwight
    Voicing and Instruments: MIDI Organ, Keyboard Percussion
  3. Kinderkreuzzug (Children's Crusade)

    Kinderkreuzzug (Children's Crusade)

    Product Number: 7654*
    Composer: Gawlick, Ralf Yusuf
    Voicing and Instruments: Children's Chorus, Clarinet, Sanctus Bells, Violin, Viola, Cello, Organ

    Available Editions:
    7654 Kinderkreuzzug (Children's Crusade) (Piano/Vocal/Percussion Score)
    7655 Kinderkreuzzug (Children's Crusade) (Children's Chorus Part)
    7656 Kinderkreuzzug (Children's Crusade) (Full Score)
    7657 Kinderkreuzzug (Children's Crusade) (Instrumental Parts)

    Starting at: $3.40

  4. Land of Crystal Dreams

    Land of Crystal Dreams

    Product Number: 7937
    Composer: Hoffman, Stanley M.
    Voicing and Instruments: SSAA , Opt. Percussion (Glockenspiel, Vibraphone)
  5. Land of Crystal Dreams

    Land of Crystal Dreams

    Product Number: 7939
    Composer: Hoffman, Stanley M.
    Voicing and Instruments: TTBB, Vibraphone
  6. Missa Populi

    Missa Populi

    Product Number: CH-1276*
    Composer: Jergenson, Dale
    Voicing and Instruments: SATB, SATB Soli, Soprano Saxophone, Vibraphone, Rhythm Section, Organ

    Available Editions:
    CH-1276 Missa Populi (Choral Score)
    CH-1276S Missa Populi (Full Score)
    CH-1276P Missa Populi (Instrumental Parts)

    Starting at: $9.00

  7. Prophecy  (Full/Choral Score)

    Prophecy (Full/Choral Score)

    Product Number: 8445*
    Composer: Schuneman, Robert
    Voicing and Instruments: SATB Chorus (divisi) and Marimba

    Available Editions:
    8445 Prophecy (Full/Choral Score)
    file_8445-E Prophecy (Downloadable Full/Choral Score)
    8445A Prophecy (Marimba Part)
    file_8445A-E Prophecy (Downloadable Marimba Part)

    Starting at: $2.60

  8. Riding to Jerusalem

    Riding to Jerusalem

    Product Number: 1.2831
    Composer: Davis, Katherine K.
    Voicing and Instruments: SATB, Keyboard (Organ or Piano), Optional Bells
  9. Serenade for a Christmas Night(Score & Parts)

    Serenade for a Christmas Night
    (Score & Parts)

    Product Number: 0683
    Composer: Susa, Conrad
    Voicing and Instruments: Organ, Harp, Vibraphone
  10. Silent Night-A Christmas Collection: Silent Night

    Silent Night-A Christmas Collection: Silent Night

    Product Number: 5241
    Composer: Hagen, Daron
    Voicing and Instruments: SATB, Cello & Synthesizer or Vibraphone
  11. Voices of Broken Hearts

    Voices of Broken Hearts

    Product Number: 7676*
    Composer: Sametz, Steven
    Voicing and Instruments: SSAA (divisi), digitally delayed Viola or Vibraphone

    Available Editions:
    7676 Voices of Broken Hearts (Choral score)
    file_7676-E Voices of Broken Hearts (Downloadable Choral Score)
    7677 Voices of Broken Hearts (Viola Part)
    file_7677-E Voices of Broken Hearts (Downloadable Viola Part)
    7678 Voices of Broken Hearts
    (Vibraphone Part)
    file_7678-E Voices of Broken Hearts (Downloadable Vibraphone Part)

    Starting at: $2.05

11 Item(s)

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