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  1. Everything That Hath Breath

    Everything That Hath Breath

    Product Number: 3048*
    Composer: Perera, Ronald
    Voicing and Instruments: Two-Part Chorus (Men, Women or Mixed) and Electronic Tape

    Available Editions:
    3048 Everything That Hath Breath (Choral Score)
    3048A Everything That Hath Breath (Electronic Media CD)

    Starting at: $2.60

  2. Two Poems of Howard Holtzman(Choral Score)

    Two Poems of Howard Holtzman
    (Choral Score)

    Product Number: 2835
    Composer: Pinkham, Daniel
    Voicing and Instruments: Two-Part Treble Voices (SA), Electronic Media
  3. Verbum


    Product Number: 5628A
    Composer: Wienhorst, Richard
    Voicing and Instruments: TB/Two-Part Treble Voices (SA or TB), Electronic Media

3 Item(s)

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