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  1. Give Us Music

    Give Us Music

    Product Number: 8436*
    Composer: Conte, David
    Voicing and Instruments: TTBB Chorus unaccompanied

    Available Editions:
    8436 Give Us Music
    file_8436-E Give Us Music (Downloadable)

    Starting at: $2.05

  2. I Can No Other Answer Make

    I Can No Other Answer Make

    Product Number: 8577*
    Composer: Hall, Juliana
    Voicing and Instruments: Tenor and Piano

    Available Editions:
    8577 I Can No Other Answer Make
    file_8577-E I Can No Other Answer Make (Downloadable)

    Starting at: $8.00

  3. O Mistress Mine

    O Mistress Mine

    Product Number: 8576*
    Composer: Hall, Juliana
    Voicing and Instruments: Countertenor and Piano

    Available Editions:
    8576 O Mistress Mine
    file_8576-01E Lawn as white as driven snow (Downloadable)
    file_8576-02E O happy fair! (Downloadable)
    file_8576-03E If love make me forsworn (Downloadable)
    file_8576-04E Who is Silvia? (Downloadable)
    file_8576-05E O, mistress mine (Downloadable)
    file_8576-06E If music be the food of love (Downloadable)
    file_8576-07E Take, of take those lips away (Downloadable)
    file_8576-08E Tell me where is Fancy bred (Downloadable)
    file_8576-09E Come away, come away, death (Downloadable)
    file_8576-10E This is a very scurvy tune to sing (Downloadable)
    file_8576-11E Blow, blow, thou winter wind (Downloadable)
    file_8576-12E Fear no more the heat o' th' sun (Downloadable)

    Starting at: $2.25

  4. The Seasons

    The Seasons

    Product Number: 8075*
    Composer: Ferko, Frank
    Voicing and Instruments: SATB Chorus and String Quartet or String Orchestra

    Available Editions:
    8075 The Seasons (String Quartet Version Piano/Choral Score)
    8111 The Seasons (String Orchestra Version Piano/Choral Score)
    8076 The Seasons (String Quartet Version Full Score)
    8077 The Seasons (String Quartet Version Instrumental Parts)
    file_8077-E The Seasons (Downloadable String Quartet Version Instrumental Parts)
    8078 The Seasons (String Orchestra Version Additional Orchestra Score)

    Starting at: $3.60

4 Item(s)

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