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  1. Images and Reflections

    Images and Reflections

    Product Number: 6095
    Composer: Mollicone, Henry
    Voicing and Instruments: Soprano, Piano
  2. The Poet's Calendar

    The Poet's Calendar

    Product Number: 8579*
    Composer: Hall, Juliana
    Voicing and Instruments: Tenor and Piano

    Available Editions:
    8579 The Poet's Calendar
    file_8579-01E January (Downloadable)
    file_8579-11E November (Downloadable)
    file_8579-02E February (Downloadable)
    file_8579-03E March (Downloadable)
    file_8579-04E April (Downloadable)
    file_8579-05E May (Downloadable)
    file_8579-06E June (Downloadable)
    file_8579-07E July (Downloadable)
    file_8579-08E August (Downloadable)
    file_8579-09E September (Downloadable)
    file_8579-10E October (Downloadable)
    file_8579-12E December (Downloadable)

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  3. The Poets

    The Poets

    Product Number: 8581*
    Composer: Hall, Juliana
    Voicing and Instruments: Bass and Piano

    Available Editions:
    8581 The Poets
    file_8581-1E The Poets: The Poets (Downloadable)
    file_8581-2E The Poets: Chaucer (Downloadable)
    file_8581-3E The Poets: Shakespeare (Downloadable)
    file_8581-4E The Poets: Milton (Downloadable)
    file_8581-5E The Poets: Keats (Downloadable)

    Starting at: $4.50

  4. Winter Windows

    Winter Windows

    Product Number: 8595*
    Composer: Hall, Juliana
    Voicing and Instruments: Baritone and Piano

    Available Editions:
    8595 Winter Windows
    file_8595-1E Winter Night (Downloadable)
    file_8595-2E The Snowflake (Downloadable)
    file_8595-3E A Song (Downloadable)
    file_8595-4E The Snow-Man (Downloadable)
    file_8595-5E Lully (Downloadable)
    file_8595-6E Winter Evening (Downloadable)
    file_8595-7E Woods in Winter (Downloadable)

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4 Item(s)

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